An Abstract Playful Distributed Approach

“The Mathematics of Wellness: A Simple Illustration for [(STEM + Art) .x Design] . ^ (PASSION)” Always Remember to Show the PROCESS and Connect with EMOTION.


  • Defining Abstract Algorithms


  • Developing Playful Patterns


  • Discovering Distributed Data

[(STEM + Art) .* Design] !

[(S T E (+A) M ) .* D] !

[S T E A M] .* D!

“Making the Case for .*Design! Learning”

An Abstract Playful Distributed Approach

Author: Jeannye

I intend to the best of my ability, to design with honesty and respect for nature. It is my desire to explore the ideas of various materials and the resultant details and connections. Having a love for sunlight, I will incorporate daylight generously. In the most pragmatic manner, an element's usefulness, will direct my technique, for each. Structure and geometry will hold primary roles in the generation of initial concepts and design solutions. Most important, I will discover happiness.

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