Architecture Begins with the Square

Origins by Jeannye
Original by Jeannye

As a Project Architect at Stanley, Beaman, Sears, I enjoy the art of drawing, math and architecture. With each project I search for ways explore creativity and complexity. While recently listening to the Keynote Address by Sir Norman Foster for the Advances in Architectural Geometry 2016, I was thrilled to hear the continued dialogue on importance of the PENCIL. I was motivated to revisit my portfolio of drawings and just recall why I simply love, DRAWING!. It is my way to escape into a world of imagination and unlimited possibilities. With each line + mark, I envision a physical reality for the details and wonder what mathematical methods or technological tool will bring these graphite etchings into our present spatial boundaries.


Author: Jeannye

I intend to the best of my ability, to design with honesty and respect for nature. It is my desire to explore the ideas of various materials and the resultant details and connections. Having a love for sunlight, I will incorporate daylight generously. In the most pragmatic manner, an element's usefulness, will direct my technique, for each. Structure and geometry will hold primary roles in the generation of initial concepts and design solutions. Most important, I will discover happiness.

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